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Too often we hear there is no budget for BTS video and photo, EPK interviews, and visual marketing, etc... 

However, once the filming is wrapped, filmmakers mourn the fact that they did not capture the moments and interviews that could showcase the journey and creative process throughout production which will ultimately help promote the film.

So much pre-production goes into the film, but the importance of creatively capturing the production process is too often overlooked and left out of the budget.

Many indy film projects are great movies that filmmakers put their sweat and tears into and then when it comes to marketing and distribution, they do not have any visuals to use or include into their EPK package for distribution. 


Having visuals are vital in connecting with your audience! Visuals will help create a bigger audience! Additionally, visual assets are needed for pitching, distribution, and so much more.

A professional on-set Videographer and Still Photographer are a must even if just for a day or two!

We will help you capture what is needed for:

●Local newspapers, community magazines

●TV news stations segment (Photo and Video)

●Social Media promotion

●Posters (Promotional Photos)

●On set interviews from select cast and crew

● BTS Photos and videos

Contact us for a quote to help you take your film to the next level!

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