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The Team

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Jeff & Christine Tonkin

Gratitude. Growth. Great year! This sums up the last several years at DigiSmiles. We are blessed to create uplifting, confidence boosting, and extremely fun experiences into the lives of each graduating senior. And through each interaction we get to learn a little about each of the families that are bringing their teenager out of high school and into the next stage of life. Whether heading off to college or transitioning into their career, it amazes us how quickly these seasons come and go. We have genuinely enjoyed meeting so many wonderful families through each planning meeting, photo session adventure, and product ordering consultation. We feel grateful to capture this season of change for each unique personality and continue to watch as they “grow up” in front of our eyes.


This past 10 years have brought more clients than ever and we could not have grown without the positive word-of-mouth stories shared amongst friends and families about their experiences with DigiSmiles. Thank you for a fantastic year and we look forward to keeping in touch with many of you through social media and crossing paths with others in the community.

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