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Allow us to capture the "real" you.  

We give you a fun, feel like a model experience, while bringing out your true beauty, personality, and sparkle! THINK about YOU for just a minute.

Think of what best describes YOU!


A special location? Your favorite hobbies? Your music? 

Now choose your style and outfits: uptown, preppy, vintage, punk, grunge, urban, downtown, country, chic. Do you love a particular sport, play an instrument, ride horses, skateboard, dance, have a beloved pet, or love your car or truck? We want to work with whatever describes you and whatever is important to you during this time in your life! We want to make your images sparkle with personality!

We love capturing emotions and personalities.  When your friends and family look through your senior portraits our goal is for them to say, “ Wow, these are beautiful and they totally captured the real you.” We want to take more than stunning portraits. We want to take photos that showcase your true style and personality. One way we accomplish this is by meeting with each client a few weeks prior to the scheduled photo session for a planning consult. This is where we get to meet you, look through all your top clothing choices, and start planning out your session. This planning meeting is when we style your DigiSmiles senior session to match you and who you are. We will talk about location options that will match your clothing and style.  We will also see if. Unlike old portrait guidelines, we actually love photographing our clients in more than solid colors. We love prints, textures, and adding layers. 


So, for the purpose of senior pictures, choose clothing that represents YOU!  We want you to express yourself with what you wear.  We want your style and your personality to come shining through. Have fun with this and don’t be afraid to try styles or things you have always wanted to try.


Our sessions are not just about having fun and letting your personality come out, they are about documenting some of the best times in your life.  Everything from the laughing and seriousness to the in-between, through our vision and our lens, we will capture those emotions and personalities. We always recommend our clients visit Pretty Little Things Boutique, a fantastic clothing boutique in Kingwood that specializes in fresh, fun, fashion styles!

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